The innovative matching technology for analysis of competitors based on the big data

Automated collection of any data visible for the human eye

price parsing

Data from digital sources are collected from sites, market places, price lists and apps

price monitoring

Data from retail stores  are collected by auditors through the app and are recognized by the neuro network

Automatic comparison of goods under 12 parameters

Matching parameters

  • Name
  • Keywords with consideration of morphology and synonyms
  • Manufacturer’s item number
  • Store item number
  • Barcode (EAN)
  • Link
  • Goods photo
  • Verification of price
  • Verification by stop words
  • Verification by duplicates
  • Verification by manufacturer’s item number
  • Verification by patterns
A proprietary statistical system guarantees the best quality of data for competitive benchmarking
comparing goods for prices comparison

Exchanging data: Excel to automatic integrations over API

Metacommerce is easily integrated into your IT environment

Microsoft dynamics

The service for analyzing market when taking effective business solutions

Current and detailed information provides us a clear image of the market, helps to monitor and analyze competitors under all item positions, and immediately react to changes of their prices and to their special offers
We can recommend the platform Metacommerce as the source of reliably qualitative information on prices. The service provided by the company’s employees completely covers the issues of interaction, and allows focusing on development of business and sector competences
The updated information by Metacommerce provides us with a clear image of the market, and helps to monitor prices and analyze the range of competitors, therefore allowing timely reacting to changes, managing the inventory and the pricing policy.

Start obtaining the updated, complete and accurate information on the market

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