Frequently asked questions:


Which information can be collected?

From the Internet – any information available for people. From brick and mortar stores – the information placed on price tags, goods, or from the price checker.

Who collects the information?

The information is collected on the Internet by the robot. In retail stores, the information is collected by auditors using the mobile app and performing photo shoot.

We are the technological company that provides the service for collection and processing of data. We can provide the personnel (auditors) together with partners (marketing agencies).

How are the goods compared when their names differ?

Comparison is made automatically i the system Metacommerce based on 12 parameters of Internet monitoring and 9 parameters of brick and mortar stores monitoring. The system algorithm is constantly trained by our operators. Automation is the main difference of our service among competitors who “manually” search and compare goods.

If the range in the source that I monitor had changed, do I have to take extra actions?

No. Due to promiscuous monitoring and machine process of comparison, new goods will appear in our catalogue and will be compared to your range automatically.

Is there any limitation in the number of monitored goods?

No. The scope of your range for monitoring is unlimited. Currently, we are working with companies that have monitoring scope exceeding 100 000 unique positions (SKU).

How do you provide the quality of data collection?

To collect large amounts of information on the Internet, we use the network of proxy servers around the world and provide the 24/7 technical support to the service.

How do you provide the quality of goods comparison?

The quality of goods comparison is evaluated by the audit team using a random sampling of goods. The required sampling is formed based on a confidence interval (tolerance) ±1% and a confidence probability (accuracy) 99%.

Which information on goods is necessary for comparison?

For smooth operation of the comparison mechanisms, we need:

  • clear statement of the goods’ name in the range the product mix should contain the list of names that are unique and expressly identify the goods with listing its properties
  • in presence of the goods sold in packs (multiple pieces in one) it should be clearly stated in the product mix, as well as the number of the goods in the pack (pack size)
  • the product mix should clearly state the color of goods, if it is available in different colors


How does the system work with its own trademarks (СТМ, Private label)?

The system allows accounting own trademarks due to “manual” matching: two items will be considered identical if you find it appropriate.

The system also allows classifying non-identical items under your categories.

How can I send the information on my goods, prices and other parameters to the Metacommerce?

  1. By downloading the Excel file with any format of column arrangement; it is convenient to download manually.
  2. By downloading the product-feed over the API interface. Formats available:
  • JSON,
  • XML,
  • CSV

We support the protected data security protocol HTTPS to promote the safety of the transferred data.

Can I be sure in accuracy of data collection?

While collecting the information on the Internet, we save a copy (cache) of the collected page you may see the page as it was seen by the robot during monitoring.

While collecting the information from brick and mortar stores, you can see a saved photo of a price tag with a shown data and geoposition. An auditor cannot send one and the same photo twice.

How to assign tasks for auditors for monitoring of brick and mortar stores?

You can form tasks for a photo shoot, which can include certain shops, region, auditor, term of execution, and frequency.

You can also chose categories or certain goods (KVI) for which a photo shoot is necessary.

The task will be shown on the auditor’s smartphone, and the push-notification will be sent.

In what form the information in the web interface is provided?

The report builder allows:

  • selecting the necessary competitors/suppliers
  • selecting the region
  • showing/hiding the necessary columns
  • searching certain goods or filtrating goods under a definite property
  • sorting and filtrating the data

The resulting consolidated report in a table form is formed after all settings were uploaded to the builder.


How to add an extra account for the access to the system?

A user with a role “administrator” may create an unlimited number of system users. To assign a role “administrator”, please provide us with an email for which this role should be assigned.

How many accounts in the system Metacommerce can be registered?

The number of accounts for the access to the system is not limited (as for accounts of the web application, so as accounts of auditors for retail-shop monitoring).


How long the access to the service is granted?

The access to the service is provided for 1 month, 6 months, or 12 months under terms of advance payment.

What does the adjustment of the system include?

The adjustment of the system includes importing your range to the system for further launching of algorithms of automatic comparison and the adjustment of the process of data collection.

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