Price and assortment analysis for key business departments

Adaptive competitor analysis for effective price management

Automatic & dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing is a valuable tool that provides a competitive advantage in customer attraction and sales. Determine your repricing policies and allow our intelligent system to automatically react to your competitors’ price changes.

analysis of goods’ prices

Algorithms for automated pricing

Our system can automate the most complex and multi-faceted formulas for pricing calculations. These formulas are proven and take a variety of important parameters into account including, minimum and recommended retail prices, your margin limits, extreme price deviations etc.

price change monitoring

Location based analysis of online & offline competitors

Monitor product and pricing data for various locations in order to benefit from differentiated pricing, which will allow you to configure flexible sales and pricing rules depending on the conditions of multiple markets.

price research in different cities

Extensive supplier analysis for highly effective purchasing

Automatic processing of supplier price lists

Analysing, systemising, comparing & interpreting multi-format data can be an extremely challenging and time consuming task, but it no longer needs to be with the range of tailored solutions offered by Metacommerce.

Save valuable time and optimize the decision making process with our intelligent system that generates experty consolidated analytics & insights that are reliable, accurate and conveniently presented for added value in the purchasing process.

Manageable decision making

Considering multiple product offerings and their varied units of measurement, pricing, currencies and exchange rates can often be ineffectively challenging and time consuming, so what if there was a reliable way to control these decision making factors?

Get ahead of these and many more challenges by letting us provide you with data that will allow for quick and efficient decisions to be made with confidence. The data we provide is a result of a highly developed system that automatically calculates data such as units of measurement, currencies etc. and generates informative & client specific results.
controlling following the prices by sellers

Stock levels & delivery data

Optimising the effectiveness of purchasing involves more than just pricing, processing, control & interpretation, there are several other factors to consider including supply volumes, logistics and storage costs, stock systems etc.

Manage yet another aspect of purchasing optimisation with the collection and systemisation of all available data fields, this will allow the optimal delivery amounts to be defined which will result in further expense reduction for the purchasing department and business as a whole.
stock monitoring

Consistent product range & price analysis for pro-active category management

Automatic product matching

A comparison of your product range with competitor data is extremely valuable but, our automated matching is a big step above. Brands are able to identify similar competitor products to compare market offers.

Retailers are able to compare general product prices and determine exclusive offers by analysing the product crossings percentages between their product ranges and competitors’ product ranges.

Categorisation of competitor product ranges

Our intelligent system distributes and structures competitor products according to your category tree which allows you to easily analyse pricing for effective adaptation of your product range and relevant product range policies.

This also provides clear and understandable information about new products that appeared in the market or in your sales channels.

categories of goods

Automated competitor pricing analysis

As competitor products are categorised according to your category tree, you will be able to maintain optimal pricing margins within entire categories, not only the matching of identical products. This takes products with no crossings into account.
abc analysis

Competitive price & promotion analysis for strategic marketing

Understanding promotions and discount depth

Promotional and discounted prices are not always as they appear but, our expert system is intelligent enough to quickly identify real and fake discounts. The system is able to define high-frequency promotional categories, products and brands. Retailers are able to compare their promotions for the same brand and in the same period with competitor promotions.
analysis of discounts and promotions

Price change history

The insights gained from price change history data allows you to track the dynamic of your prices, discounts & availability in comparison to your competitors. Hidden promotions and the real intentions of your competitors’ pricing decisions can also be obtained. All the available insights provide an advantage in effective and data driven decision making which can result in increased sales, revenue and market share.
price change graph

Product ratings & feedback collection

Retailers are able to update and expand their product ranges with the most in-demand products based purchase activity of customers. Brands have the opportunity to track the market’s feedback for their products with customer ratings & reviews. All these insights allow you to understand the customers’ buying trends & brand loyalty.

ratings and feedback on goods

Optimised stock, product range & pricing control for efficient distribution

Analyse virtual & physical price data

Product pricing analysis across multiple sales channels and dynamic repricing of products according to custom sets of criteria are extremely valuable solutions that provide actionable insights for an effective distribution department. The high quality data and intelligent solutions we provide allow distributors to better collaborate with retailers and improve performance.
how much the item on shelf costs

Monitor multi-channel product availability

An optimised supply chain is another advantage of our accurate, reliable and effective stock monitoring solutions for all stock shelf types, including on-shelf-availability (OSA). With online and offline data collection capabilities, we are able to collect, analyse and provide product availability data for a wide range of various sources that helps our client’s to stay ahead of the competition.

presence of the item on shelf

Track stock levels, trends & opportunities

The available stock levels across multiple sales channels are key insights that provide a powerful understanding of the market and how to maximize distribution efficiency. With our expert solutions, distributors can expand their view of the market and take advantage of game-changing opportunities for growth and success.
stock at warehouses

Unlock sales potential with unrivaled collection, analysis, matching, repricing and optimization solutions

We recommend the Metacommerce platform as a source of reliable and qualitative pricing information. The service provided by the company’s employees completely covers our interaction issues and allows us to focus on developing business and sector competencies.
The updated information from Metacommerce provides us with a clear image of the market and helps us to monitor prices and analyse our range of competitors, this allows us to react timely to changes and to manage our inventory and pricing policy.

Increase sales & revenue, grow market share, access reliable market insights, now!

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