Analysis of competitors’ market prices

Obtaining data on the current item price

Promptly react to change of competitors’ prices and promote the increase of sales due to a competitive pricing policy
analysis of goods’ prices

Automation of price formation through price algorithms

Define your rules for price formation to make the price formation dynamic
price change monitoring

Region-wise analysis of prices and goods of competitors online and offline

Obtain data on prices of goods depending on the region, for regional differentiated price formation
price research in different cities

Analysis of the range of suppliers’ price lists

Getting the best price from various sources

Find the best offer among your suppliers regardless of the files’ format, therefore reducing cost of purchases

Consolidating parameters in a unified price format

Consider the price per measuring unit (weight, quantity, volume) with account of exchange rate, and take decisions on the optimum purchase
controlling following the prices by sellers

Displaying stock and terms of delivery

Define the optimum amount of the delivery, therefore reducing logistic and warehousing costs
stock monitoring

Category-wise analysis of prices and range

Automatic comparison of the market with your product mix

Define the percentage of crossing of your range with the competitors’ matrix, to establish exclusive offers

Classifying the competitors’ product mix under your categories

Take decisions on the range policy, analyze prices and availability of the range in categories
categories of goods

Automatic price analysis of categories

Monitor the minimum, average, and maximum prices, analyze and precisely position your goods in the market
abc analysis

Analysis of promo and price positioning

Defining the amount of price promotions and the discount depth

Analyze the marketing activity of competitors to take timely measures
analysis of discounts and promotions

Saving the history of price changes

Trace the dynamics and trends, reduce costs due to proactive pricing policy
price change graph

Collecting ratings and feedback on goods

Analyze the popularity of goods in the market and timely react to change of clients’ moods
ratings and feedback on goods

Controlling the stock and the price of your product mix

Analysis of data on the shelf price

Analyze the price of goods for customers and make collaborate actions with retailers
how much the item on shelf costs

Controlling the stock of the seller’s range

Monitor the on-shelf availability of goods and prevent the absence of your products
presence of the item on shelf

Monitoring data on the stock in shops

Collect the information on the number of available items and provide timely retail supplies
stock at warehouses

The service for analyzing market when taking effective business solutions

We can recommend the platform Metacommerce as the source of reliably qualitative information on prices. The service provided by the company’s employees completely covers the issues of interaction, and allows focusing on development of business and sector competences
The updated information by Metacommerce provides us with a clear image of the market, and helps to monitor prices and analyze the range of competitors, therefore allowing timely reacting to changes, managing the inventory and the pricing policy.

Start obtaining the updated, complete and accurate information on the market

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