Price monitoring and competitor analysis for brands and retailers

Track product prices, promotions, popularity, ratings and stock availability in sales channels

Price monitoring in sales channels

Receive instant price information about goods and pricing policy analysis of retailers to analyse pricing policies of retailers. Choose the best suited monitoring source for your business.

• Online stores
• Marketplaces
• Mobile applications
• Price lists of any complexity
• Classic retail stores
Monitoring RRP

Checking all channels for stock availability

Ensure product availability on real and virtual shelves. Receive notifications about any and all item shortages. Build optimal supply chains.
Monitoring the stock of goods at retailers

Exploring product popularity

Compare your products popularity with competitors within online stores, apps, and marketplaces. Receive insights about regional demand preferences, as well as compare and offer the most sought after products in specific categories.
Data on popularity of goods

Competitive categorical analysis

Classify competitors' products by your categories, analyze the depth of competitors' similar product categories, and compare their price parameters in various sales channels. Get notifications about the new products on the market and analyze the complete current competitor's portfolio.

Collecting ratings and feedback

The marketing department will be able to instantly receive relevant market feedback about your products and new product releases, quickly respond to reviews and manage the brand’s reputation in sales channels.
Collecting ratings and feedback

Price list analysis and recalculation

For regular purchases, you can analyze price lists of various formats, taking into account delivery times and currencies, to determine the best offer.

Tracking stocks on sites

Understanding the exact stocks in the sales channels, you can find out the logic of promotions and the relationship with the balances and correctly analyze the price positioning of your products.

The platform for multi-channel market monitoring and automated matching with your assortment

Monitoring competitors’ prices in the market

Set the rules for automatic price calculating depending on the competitive environment and other parameters that affect your pricing. Keep track of minimum prices in categories and maintain your marginality.
monitoring prices in online shops

Price offers and promotion analysis

Track goods price on all platforms, including various types of markdowns and promos: from special offers to bonuses and loyalty programs.

Determine the most promoted products and categories, as well as the percentage of the promotion impact on the marketing conditions of your direct competitors. Identify hidden and implicit promotions — this information will help in negotiations with your suppliers.
Monitoring competitors’ offers

Competitors product mix analysis

Identify exclusive offers and stay informed about the full product range of your competitors with the help of classification service, that classifies all goods found on the market by your category tree.

Compare the depth of categories and price parameters for products in individual subcategories.
Range analysis

Delivery parameters monitoring

Consider the full information about the offer of competitors, including the terms and conditions of delivery of goods, for the most accurate and objective analysis of the market situation.
monitoring delivery parameters

Collecting ratings and popularity

Be guided by the real demand for specific products when forming your assortment. The service allows you to assign a market popularity index to popular products.
Parsing of ratings and feedback

Monitoring the first prices of suppliers

Determine the best purchase prices by analyzing the price lists of suppliers in various formats: tables, receiving data by API, information from the Internet. Metacommerce will automatically match all offers and indicate the most profitable.

Unlock sales potential with unrivaled collection, analysis, matching, repricing and optimization solutions

We recommend the Metacommerce platform as a source of reliable and qualitative pricing information. The service provided by the company’s employees completely covers our interaction issues and allows us to focus on developing business and sector competencies.
The updated information from Metacommerce provides us with a clear image of the market and helps us to monitor prices and analyse our range of competitors, this allows us to react timely to changes and to manage our inventory and pricing policy.

Increase sales & revenue, grow market share, access reliable market insights, now!

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