Price monitoring and analysis of competitors for retailers and manufacturers

Big data in monitoring of the range and prices for taking key decisions

Price monitoring in sales channels

Get the updated information on goods’ prices to analyze the price policy of retailers
Monitoring RRP

Monitoring the stock at retailers

Be sure that your products are present on the real and the virtual shelf
Monitoring the stock of goods at retailers

Obtaining data on popularity of goods

Use data on popularity of your products and products in online shops for the demand research
Data on popularity of goods

Categorical analysis of competitors

Classify competitors’ goods under your categories to adopt effective solutions on the range and price policy

Collecting ratings and feedback on the Internet

Get feedback from clients to manage your reputation, research comprehension and experience of using your brand
Collecting ratings and feedback

Analyzing price lists and monitoring prices of suppliers

Find the best offers for your production regardless of the data format

Monitoring the stock of goods on sites

Use data on goods’ stock to make timely shipments to sales channels

Use big data to take key decisions

Monitoring competitors’ prices in the market

Define the prices of your titles based on big data to increase marginality and amount of sales
monitoring prices in online shops

Analysis of price offers and promotions

Monitor the price, the available discount and its depth to trace the price policy of your competitors
Monitoring competitors’ offers

Product mix analysis of competitors

Classify goods under your categories to take effective decisions on the range and price policy
Range analysis

Monitoring delivery parameters

Analyze terms of delivery in online shops to compare conditions in the market
monitoring delivery parameters

Collecting ratings and popularity

Define which titles are popular in the market and among competitors, to adopt a proactive range policy
Parsing of ratings and feedback

Monitoring the first prices of suppliers

Analyze price lists to define the optimum purchase price out of tables, program requests and Internet

The service for analyzing market when taking effective business solutions

We can recommend the platform Metacommerce as the source of reliably qualitative information on prices. The service provided by the company’s employees completely covers the issues of interaction, and allows focusing on development of business and sector competences
The updated information by Metacommerce provides us with a clear image of the market, and helps to monitor prices and analyze the range of competitors, therefore allowing timely reacting to changes, managing the inventory and the pricing policy.

Start obtaining the updated, complete and accurate information on the market

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